Hia! My name is Alex Pouloutides (pronounced poo-loo-tee-deez- thanks Dad). I'm from Chesapeake, Virginia but currently live in Elon, North Carolina where I'm pursuing my BFA Music Theatre degree at Elon University (and now a Dance Minor woo!).

In addition to performing, I love to sketch- don’t ask me to draw you though; people are hard (clothes are more my style). If I weren’t so passionate about musical theater I would be pursuing a degree in fashion design.

I turned 19 years old this past summer, and decided to gift myself with a kitten (Look to your right to see me trying to pose with Ollie- he wasn’t having it). I love all things animals, and can totally see myself starting my own animal shelter one day.

You can usually find me on FaceTime with my mom, choreographing a piece for no reason at all, or reading a book. My favorite right now is called “The Humans” by Matt Haig, and I would 100% recommend. 12/10.

I am a Leo to a fault, meaning I am fiercely loyal, bold, and okay fine, a lover of the spotlight. Good thing I’m doing theater.

Funny. Expressive. Driven.

...loved Alexandra Pouloutides as Annie who really brought out the eeriness of the film. A stunning young actress I hope to see more of in the future
— www.steemit.com
[Alex] is a true triple-threat student. Her dance technique is absolutely beautiful with excellent lines and execution. She has a beautiful voice and could go into any audition as a vocalist or primary dancer
— Chip Gallagher, Chair of the Music Theatre Department at the Governor’s School for the Arts